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Technical Articles

Test Drive the DBS Drive Unit

Dynamic Field Torque Test

In-Line Shaft Connection for Longer Life

Gear Torque Ratings--AGMA and ISO Gear Standards

Provide the Right Specifications

Rheology of Sludges and the Positively torque Limiting DBS Thickener Drive

Condensation Control in Main Gear Housing

Raking Maximizes Performance in Thickeners and Clarifiers

Oil or Grease, Which One Is Right for Your Gear/Bearing?

Lubricants for DBS Speed Reducers

Comparative Study of the Life and Durability of Cast Iron and Forged Steel Clarifier Drive Gears and Bearings

Q & A About DBS NSA-Series Aerators

F-Type Primary Reducer Provides Uninterrupted Service, Ease of Maintenance, and Accurate Torque Output in Harsh Environments

Do You Know What Your Clarifier Is Doing?

Options Available for DBS Drives

Are Trickling Filters Making a Comeback?

F-Type Primary Speed Reducer

Peripheral (rim) and Center Drive Mechanism Comparison

Lower Pinion Support Bearing Comparison

Main Pinion Comparison