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DBS manufactures clarifier and thickener drives that are direct bolt-in replacements for drives built by many other companies such as Dorr-Oliver, Eimco, Envirex, FMC, National Hydro, Walker Process and others.

DBS retrofit drive units are an economical solution to renovating an old clarifier or thickener. In fact, the total cost of replacing an old drive unit with a new DBS drive may be less than the cost of rebuilding the old drive. With a new DBS drive, you get the best warranty in the industry, lower maintenance costs, higher reliability, and DBS "customer first" service.

Bolt-in retrofits are simply new DBS drives that are built to "look like" and directly replace a gearbox built by another manufacturer. DBS retrofit drives are dimensionally identical to the original manufacturers' gearbox so they "bolt right in" without any modification to the existing mechanical components like the bridge, drive cage or drive shaft.

DBS retrofit drive units are easy to install, and they upgrade the clarifier or thickener to modern standards with forged alloy steel gearing, permanently lubricated pinion drive gearbox, and an accurate, dependable torque gauge — features that add up to lower maintenance cost and longer life.

DBS has replaced nearly all major manufacturers' drive units:

Dorr-Oliver Horsburgh-Scott National-Hydro Amwell Eimco FL Smidth
Denver Walker Process Peabody-Wells Envirex FMC Smith & Loveless

DBS also makes bolt-in replacements for rotary distributor center mechanisms. DBS rotary distributor center mechanisms feature a rugged "top running" bearing that is easy to access and service. DBS center mechanisms can directly replace an existing mechanism and add modern features such as motor powered rotation for high dousing and variable flow applications. DBS rotary distributor center mechanisms are covered by a 5-year "top to bottom" warranty.

DBS has replaced major manufacturers' rotary distributor center mechanisms such as:

General Filter Walker Process Dorr-Oliver Eimco

Retrofit Drive Units

D30-BE retrofit for Horsburg & Scott 52 on a Ø105 ft municipal primary clarifier in Durant, OK

  D30-AE retrofit for Smith & Loveless 214 on a Ø78 ft industrial suction clarifier in South Charleston, WV

D30-AE retrofit for Dorr-Oliver 30S1 on a Ø100 ft municipal secondary clarifier in Ocean City, MD

  D42-BF retrofit for Dorr-Oliver 48S1 on a Ø110 ft municipal secondary clarifier in Petersburg, VA

D42-BE retrofit for Dorr-Oliver W60 on a Ø65 ft municipal Hydrotreator in North Miami Beach, FL

  D30-BE retrofit for Envirex H40HT on a Ø65 ft gravity thickener in Norfolk, VA

D42-BFS retrofit for Walker Process S60X on a Ø130 ft municipal final clarifier in Cleveland, OH

  D42-CF2 retrofit for Envirex H80LT on a Ø180 ft municipal primary clarifier in Columbus, OH

D60-CF retrofit for Walker 80” on a Ø155 ft municipal primary clarifier in Tulsa, OK

  D60-DF-D60 retrofit for Eimco C60/C72P on a Ø180 ft industrial solids contact clarifier in Georgetown, SC

D80-DH4 retrofit for Eimco C108B2 on a Ø200 ft pulp and paper effluent primary clarifier in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

  D80-EH4 retrofit for Dorr-Oliver 122S3 on a Ø250 ft pulp and paper effluent wastewater clarifier in Brewton, AL

D60-DE retrofit for Eimco C60B on an industrial wastewater clarifier in Neenah, WI

  D60-DH3-L retrofit for Dorr-Oliver 96S2 on a Ø100 ft red mud thickener in Suriname

MRM87-3 retrofit for Walker Process mixers in a municipal secondary clarifier in Lawrence, KS

  M440 retrofit for Link Belt 7MK100 on a municipal salt water pump in Sewaren, NJ

S34-BF-D34 retrofit for Envirex F60/R18 on a Ø80 ft municipal clarifier in Coffeyville, KS

  S44-CF-L retrofit for Dorr-Oliver 48A on a Ø75 ft white liquor clarifier in Oglethorpe, GA

M340-15 retrofit for Dorr-Oliver 36A on a Ø30 ft lime mud agitator in Oglethorpe, GA

  D80-EH4 retrofit for Dorr-Oliver 122S2 on a Ø220 ft pulp and paper effluent clarifier in East Millinocket, ME

D120-FH2 retrofit for Dorr-Oliver S800 on a Ø320 ft pulp and paper effluent clarifier in Jesup, GA

  RD-24M retrofit for Envirex 230 on a Ø70 ft municipal trickling filter in Moultrie, GA

NSA3-40B retrofit for Peabody Welles 62-40HP Simcar Aerator in Amherst, MA

  NSA2-15 retrofit for Envirex 15 HP Floating Aerator in Chester, VA